Mildew Removal

Mildew testing is necessary to prevent the many hazards they pose in a home environment. Mildew are fungi organisms that often grow on plant leaves, but can also multiply when they invade your home. Because of how small they are, they are often not visible as they float around a room, but their effects can be deadly when humans and animals breathe them in. AAA Plus Professional Painting, House Washing and Pressure Cleaning offers all-inclusive mildew evaluation and mildew removal in Birmingham, AL at a pocket-friendly price.
At AAA Plus Professional Painting, House Washing and Pressure Cleaning, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy, clean, and comfortable environment. We have invested heavily in cutting-edge equipment to ensure that when our clients need us, we will be ready to offer thorough professional cleaning and mildew removal that exceeds their expectations. Besides ensuring that these organisms are eradicated, we also run a detailed inspection of the property to identify the causes of the problem and advise the property owner accordingly.
Our all-inclusive mildew removal service also includes cleaning up mildew stains from your home’s exterior to ensure your house is as good as new when the removal is done. Mildew and mold are often caused by the presence of excessive moisture in a property. Leaky pipes, heavy rains, and water breaks are the top culprits. When mold and mildew grow, they spread quickly and cause structural problems that will degrade the integrity of the property.
At AAA Plus Professional Painting, House Washing and Pressure Cleaning, we offer complete residential mildew removal in Birmingham, AL, and because we are specialists in removing mildew, we also offer expert insights on how to prevent these microscopic fungi from growing. Don’t forget to ask us about a maintenance plan.

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